Horror Movie Review: Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Xmas (2012)

So for clarity, I didn’t have a clue who Caesar and Otto are. I had never even heard of them before watching this movie. However, I have since learned they are sort of the ‘Laurel and Hardy’ of horror-comedy. First appearing in Caesar and Otto (2007) before Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre (2009). Then Caesar and Otto in the House of Dracula (2009), Caesar and Otto meet Dracula’s Lawyer (2010) and Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween (2015).

Before that last one though they popped up in this. Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Xmas and…it’s not bad. It’s not great either but the effort put in is very admirable and it will get the odd laugh or two.

Not to be taken seriously even for a second. Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Xmas is slapstick mixed with black humour and plenty gore.

In it Caesar and Otto play a store Santa and his Elf but run afoul of another Santa who happens to be a bit psychotic. Cue much bloodshed as the crazed Santa begins butchering his way through the cast on route to the dim-witted pair.

What a cast we have too. The likes of Lloyd Kaufman, Linnea Quigley, Joe Estevez, Debbie Rochon, Brinke Stevens, Ken Macfarlane, and Robert Z’Dar all popping in and out. My personal favourite scream queen, Linnea Quigley also gets a death. One that pays homage to her death in the original Silent Night, Deadly Night!

There is gore a-plenty to be enjoyed and a constant feel that at any stage, everyone on screen is just going to start laughing. Such is the fun that seems to be being had.

It can be a lot of fun for us too. Especially as everything seems so earnestly done. For a low budget Christmas horror-comedy it rises above many others of the same ilk. Simply put, Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Xmas is all about the silly. So embrace it and enjoy the absurdity of it all.


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Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Xmas
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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