Horror Movie Review: Bus Party to Hell (2018)

Bus Party to Hell sees a group of young people break down in the middle of desert while on their way to Burning Man. It’s not the arid conditions they need to be worried about though but rather the Mad Max style Satanists outside.

A movie that is filled with graphic violence, sex, nudity and black comedic moments. Bus Party to Hell rises above a glutton of mediocre straight to Video on Demand movies with a sense of quality and flare.

Bus Party 3

Lara (Stefani Blake) makes the snap decision to get on a Las Vegas tour bus to Burning Man on the eve of her 18th birthday. Once aboard the decadency of some of the others shocks her but everyone is friendly, well mostly everyone.

The bus driver (Sadie Katz) drives them into the desert and once the bus breaks down, she disappears. Not that the party animals care. They’re getting drunk, feeling horny and behaving like idiots. Thankfully it doesn’t take too long for a cadre of demon worshippers to turn up and start causing chaos.

Bus Party 5

Many of the party goers are slaughtered where they stand in gory fashion. While the rest manage to lock themselves in the bus. It seems that at any stage the merciless mob could over-run the bus. However, instead they are more interested in declaring their devotion to a dark god and the ‘chosen one’. All while rubbing human remains over their naked bodies.

It turns out that Lara’s arrival on the bus was no accident. She is a virgin to be offered up to the dark god as a sacrifice.

What follows is even more sex and even more graphic violence. As the survivors try to help Lara lose her virginity all while keeping the hordes of Satanists at bay.

Bus Party 4

Stefani Blake has a lot of fun in her role but it’s Sadie Katz who steals the show with a wickedly devilish turn. It’s a pity that Tara Reid gets top-billing for what is nothing but a lazy cameo though. Still, at least she gets to go out in style. Being hit by the speeding bus in an explosion of blood and guts.

Bus Party 6

Bus Party to Hell isn’t memorable for its story, nor is it memorable for its cast. What it’s memorable for is its over-the-top blood, gore and sexual content. You get all of that stuff in bucket-loads so probably not the kind of film you watch with your sweet old granny. Its dark humour works well to offset the super-violent moments and while it’s hardly hilarious, it will see the odd chuckle escape.

Bus Party 2


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Bus Party to Hell
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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