Horror Movie Review: Boogeyman (2005)

There is bad horror & then there is Boogeyman.

A supernatural horror directed by Stephen T. Kay & starring Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel, Skye McCole Bartusiak, and Lucy Lawless. Boogeyman is a bad movie but frustratingly it doesn’t start off that way.

Boogeyman 2

In fact, its opening is deceptively creepy as a young boy called Tim sees his father snatched by the Boogeyman. Something only moments before his father had insisted wasn’t real. It’s an exciting & fairly tense intro that is completely forgotten by time the credits roll.

Many years later, Tim (Barry Watson) is trying to get his life on track. We see that he still thinks the Boogeyman was real even though everyone else in his life believes his father just ran out on him.

Boogeyman 3

It’s while staying at his girlfriend’s parents’ house that Tim has a premonition about his ill mother. The first of many jump scare & horror clichés moments that the film will throw out. After his frightening dream, Tim gets a phone call from his uncle informing him that his mother has passed away.

He goes to the funeral devastated that his fears of the Boogeyman kept him away so decides to spend the night at his old childhood home to face his fears. Unfortunately for Tim those fears are about to come true.

Boogeyman 4

What a mess of a movie Boogeyman is. A generic plot, Non-existent characters, horrid jump scare attempts, no suspense, awful CGI, terrible lighting and so many clichés. If it was just bland it wouldn’t be such a big problem but all those issues combine to make it torture to sit through.

Almost every scene, every line of cringe-inducing dialogue and every bit of the unconvincing performances by the cast just sinks this movie deeper into the mire.

Boogeyman 5

It’s boring & its attempts to ‘scare’ are laughable as nothing is progressed or developed. What is the Boogeyman & why is he after Tim? Who knows! It doesn’t matter & while it’s clever to keep the villain in the shadows for most of the movie, when he is seen it will only elect guffaws because of how awful it looks.

Boogeyman 6

The finale is the icing on the cake of embarrassment that is this horrible horror but the saddest thing of all is that this movie was successful & got two sequels.

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