Horror Movie Review: Beaster Bunny (2014)

This is a movie that has to be seen to be believed. It’s simply stunning just how terrible a movie it is. I don’t mean Beaster Bunny (originally known as Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottonhell) is a ‘so bad, it’s good’ movie. No, I mean it’s just a terrible movie.

Beaster Bunny 1

Reportedly made for $150,000…the creators clearly spent most of that on drugs. Lots of drugs that they then took constantly throughout the making of this abomination. There is no way this film cost that much money, it looks like a film students class project.

Beaster Bunny 4

A nonsensical story, terrible acting, the worst CGI imaginable & a monster that…words just can’t describe it. You’ll be asking everyone afterwards…why? You’ll be walking up to random strangers on the street with your cold, dead eyes begging to know how such a travesty could ever be released.

The movie doesn’t deserve to be called a ‘so bad, it’s good’ movie because it is intentionally bad.

Beaster Bunny 3

The ‘plot’ focuses on a small town that is invaded by a 50 foot bunny. This bunny walks on its hind legs all the time because it’s clearly a marionette puppet in front of a green screen. The first time it appears you’ll feel instantly dupped. Look at the front cover of the DVD release & then look at the rabbit in the movie? Shameful.

Beaster Bunny 5

Why the bunny is even in the town or how it came to be 50 feet tall is never explored. It just bounces around the town killing random people with CGI that is embarrassingly poor, absolutely nothing looks convincing.

Beaster Bunny 2

Which brings me to the cast. I can only think they were literally pulled off the street because there isn’t a single one that can actually act. To add to the thrash pile that is this movie you can throw in audio that appears to have been recorded on phones, a sickening amount of shaky camera work & women getting their boobs out for no reason at all.

The movie feels like it will never end & when it does it is almost insulting in just how it chooses too.


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Beaster Bunny
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