Horror Movie Review: 100 Bloody Acres (2012)

100 Bloody Acres is a 2012 Australian horror comedy film directed and written by brothers Colin and Cameron Cairnes. The movie stars Damon Herriman, Angus Sampson & Anna McGahan.

Reg and Lindsay Morgan are brothers who own a blood and bone fertiliser business in Australia. Reg tends to do the roadkill pickups when, while on a delivery, he comes across a van crashed on the side of the road. Inside the driver is dead so Reg decides to take the body to use for fertiliser.

Bloody Acres 2

On his way back to the farm he runs into three tourists who have broken down. Initially unwilling to help, he is swayed by the pretty Sophie who he allows to ride up front with him. The other two, Sophie’s boyfriend James and his friend Wes, ride in the back with the body hidden under sacks.

Bloody Acres 3

As Reg talks to Sophie he decides that he likes her enough not to turn her into fertiliser. Until the boys discover the body in the back. With that discovery has no choice but to bring them to his brother, Lindsay.

100 Bloody Acres is an unoriginal but assured comedy horror that plays around with the ‘city kids vs rural hicks’ standby. Take a little of Shaun of the Dead, a bit of Tucker and Dale vs Evil, chuck in lots of gore & you have 100 Bloody Acres.

Bloody Acres 4

While the lack of originality means the first third of the film does drag, the great performances keep things interesting. There is a real charm about the characters here, each playing their roles with gusto but never over-stepping the mark & becoming an irritation.

There are plenty of laughs to be had here, the humour is gleefully twisted & well-paced. The characters almost seem in denial of the situation they are in but it never comes across stupid.

Bloody Acres 5

Another highlight of the film is the intense gore. 100 Bloody Acres is a nasty film with some extremely graphic scenes of bodies being minced up, fingers being cut off & a serious amount of blood spraying everywhere!

It’s not perfect, far too familiar & simplistic to ever leave its mark on horror cinema but it is very entertaining.

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100 Bloody Acres
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