Game Soundtrack Review: Video Games Live – Zelda Majora’s Mask Piano Album (Self Released)

Video Games Live…the premiere act turning video game music into a live show that thrills. We would know seeing as we’ve been to see the shows twice, the most recent being at the end of October 2018. You can read our review of that show here.

As well as delivering fantastic renditions of video game music in the live environment, they also release CDs of their covers. These are normally called ‘Level 1, Level 2’ and so on but every so often we get a release dedicated to a specific game in a specific style. In 2016 we got Zelda Majora’s Mask Piano Album.

Majora’s Mask is my personal favourite Zelda game soundtrack. It’s emotional, dark, light, familiar but different and arrangements like ‘Last End’ will stay with long afterwards. So with that in mind, it’s with much excitement that this gem of a release was discovered.

Do I love it? Absolutely I do. Even if it’s missing a few arrangements I’d have loved to hear. Regardless what we do have are 10 wonderful piano renditions of some of Majora’s Mask’s best musical moments.

Piano Album 2

Take Welcome to Clocktown for example. The twinkly piano style captures the upbeat and happy town, unaware of the dread that looms over them. It’s one of the finer renditions I’ve heard and instantly takes me back to my first trip into the town while also giving me a fresh style.

The same goes for A Personal Journey, Memories and No Time Remains. The latter is an exceptional version of Last End that somehow sounds even darker and more emotional. Utterly brilliant especially when it builds in volume to really hammer home what is happening here.

This is easily one of my favourite video game cover albums ever.

Piano Album 1

Video Games Live – Zelda Majora’s Mask Piano Album Full Track Listing:

1. A Personal Journey
2. Welcome to Clocktown
3. Memories
4. Aha! An Intruder!
5. Stampede
6. I Never Thought
7. Scaling the Stronghold
8. No Time Remains
9. The True Face
10. Meetings and Partings

You can check out the album yourself via all major streaming platforms.

Video Games Live – Zelda Majora's Mask Piano Album (Self Released)
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