Game Soundtrack Review: Little Inferno

Little Inferno is a game that surprises. One with such hidden depth that when it reveals itself, is truly awe-inspiring. I crowed and crowed about its quality in a review here and I still today urge you to play it.

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This, isn’t a rehash of that review. No, this is instead a review dedicated specifically to one of the things that makes Little Inferno so very special and that is its soundtrack. Yes, a mobile phone game that involves you burning items in a fireplace has, not just a good soundtrack, but a great one.

A soundtrack that captures the warmth the game exudes. A soundtrack that lets the chill creep in, as though the window is open a crack. A soundtrack that piles the mystery on when needed, delivers hopefulness and makes latter portions of the game sound even more epic than they are. Listen to the haunting sound of ‘The City’ or the segment called ‘Gate Operator, Open the Gates’ and tell me Little Inferno isn’t way more than just a game where you burn things?

The clues are there early on though. From the soft and melodious tune that plays when you receive a letter from Ms Nancy to the adventurous weather report music and of course, the developing music that accompanies conversations with the neighbour, Sugar Plumps.

It’s this character and her declaration of looking into the flames and imagining burning up, going up and away that prompts one of two moments that I can easily point too and declare as the moment where I truly noticed just how great the soundtrack was. The other coming at the end when another character exits the game. Here the music is very similar to a previously used segment but with a sadder and more ‘final’ touch. Stunning.

The soundtrack almost seems out of place simply by being so grandiose at times. Even when it’s something as simple as the playful catalogue shopping music. Chip tunes this isn’t. Hell, the game even comes with its musical advert although that has an air of the obnoxious to it. Which, if you know the game, is completely the point.

This is the kind of the soundtrack that you’ll happily play on its own. Not all the tracks, but most of them, for sure. It’s the kind of soundtrack that fits the game so perfectly. Hearing them out of context with the gameplay will send the mind shivering into the cold outside once more.


Little Inferno Soundtrack
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