Game Review: Little Inferno (Mobile)

Tomorrow Corporation’s Little Inferno is one of those special games that once you’ve finished you have to tell everyone you know about it. You have to tell them to play it so they will hopefully experience the same joy and wonderment that you did.

The concept is super-simple. Burn items in your brand new ‘Entertainment Fireplace’ and make combos to unlock new catalogue items with even more items to be burnt.

Little Inferno 2

Order the item, open the box and drag it into your fireplace. Then simply hold your finger on the item to start a fire. Items burn differently and often spectacularly with the puzzle aspect coming from working out the combinations from the clues hidden in the titles.

Its fun and it’s simple. So why is Little Inferno worth crowing about then?

Little Inferno 3

As you play, you’ll get the occasional letter sent to you. You’ll get weather reports that suggest the city is in the grip of a horrible cold snap. One that is forcing everyone to stay inside. Stay in and huddle around their fireplace and burn things for warmth.

Then there are the letters that you receive from a strange person. Who reveals themselves to be your next door neighbour. Silly and often childish are these letters but as the game goes on you’ll realise that there is more depth to Little Inferno then you initially thought. The moment where you realise that this game does actually have a story is unforgettable. It becomes a necessity to see what happens next and the final moments of the game are very satisfying.

Little Inferno 4

Visually, Little Inferno is lovely to look at but it’s with its sounds and music that it really stands out. Memorable melodies and jingles that are your first clue that this is a far richer and rewarding experience.

There are few faults with Little Inferno. The puzzle aspect is addictive and challenging and when it reveals its hand it’s simply awe-inspiring. Some might feel a bit insulted by the moral of the story but they’re probably being a bit too sensitive.

Little Inferno 5

Little Inferno is proof that the mobile market isn’t just crammed to the brim with horrid money grabbing games. Little Inferno is a moving masterpiece and worth every penny of its asking price.

Little Inferno
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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