Game Review: WildTrax Racing (Xbox Series X)

From developer Super PowerUp Games comes WildTrax Racing, a barebones racing game that looks and feels like a mobile port. Yet, it’s not. Take that as you will.

Lacking content and modes, with sub-par visuals, creative vision and with very little replay value, WildTrax Racing isn’t even worth the low price it costs. Unless you’re an achievement hunter, as everything in the game can be hoovered up in less than an hour.

Which is about as long as even non-achievement hunters will get from the game. After all, it only has three tracks, a global leaderboard for times, and four-player multiplayer to sustain itself once you’ve breezed through the tracks.

…and breeze through them you will. Each, while varied, lasts only a handful of minutes and there are no laps. You begin in 40th place and must reach 1st before the race is over. Driving across open-ish landscapes, trying not to get lost because of the lack of visible checkpoints, and avoiding the terrible AI driven vehicles.

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They are no challenge to pass when it comes to speed, but they do act like solid walls, so you’d ne wise to steer well clear of them. They’re not the only thing that will stop you dead in your tracks though and the worst culprit are ramps. Where, should you get air, you will lose all control and float like a balloon, until you land or hit a wall. It’s often the latter, but should it be the former, you’ll stop dead anyway.

Most, after experiencing this once or twice will do everything they can to avoid ramps, which sure does suck some of the fun out of the game. From what little fun can be found here.

How about the differences in vehicles? Completely unremarkable. They all drive the same, handle the same, and feel the same. The only reason to swap around is because there’s bugger all else to do.

There’s basic and then there’s WildTrax Racing. It’s all good and proper saying it’s fine for it to be so ‘meh’ when it costs so little, but this is a really ‘meh’ game.


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WildTrax Racing (Xbox Series X)
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