Horror Short Review: People of the Dead (2023)

From filmmaker Nate Thompson comes People of the Dead. A dark and twisted horror short that leaves you wanting much more.

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The story surrounds a young woman who, late at night, sneaks into the back of a business. Seemingly to return a skull that she puts back on a shelf above a Ouija board. Whatever this place is, it sure has a lot of horror props, posters, and displays.

She is then alerted to the sound a child laughing from upstairs, so naturally, goes to investigate. As she turns to look up the stairs, she sees a young girl with a burned face at the top. This mysterious person looks at her before walking off.

The woman says ‘nope’ and leaves. Living happily ever after having never gone to investigate something extremely creepy and odd. No, of course that’s not what she does. Have you seen any horror ever before?

If you want to know what happens next, check it out below. It’s well worth a watch and Thompson does create good atmosphere, building up the tension to its satisfying conclusion. The use of coloured lighting and the abrasive, but eerie, music really adds a ton to this short. It’s really enjoyable and even those used to jump scares might find themselves shifting a little uncomfortably here.


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People of the Dead (2023)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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