Game Review: VIP Guard (Mobile – Free to Play)

There’s a ton of people who want to take out this president and as his loyal bodyguard, it’s up to you to protect him at all costs. Dive to take the bullet meant for your commander and chief. Dive to tackle would be assassins even if that puts you in the line of a fast moving rocket.

Then, as the presidents own snipers, take out all the would be attackers before they’re able to recover.

VIP Guard makes use of rag doll physics to see you throwing the president’s body guard around with complete abandon. Use your finger on the screen to line up your angle, release and watch him fly. Hopefully slamming into or getting in the way of the assassination attempt.

It’s very simple stuff that ramps up in difficulty quite early on. Quickly, you’ll have to adapt to your surroundings as obstacles start to litter the path and some attempts end in failure as speed becomes key.

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The other part of gameplay, the sniper section, by contrast is far too easy and has zero challenge. Instead more useful as a way to earn money and then spend upgrading three elements that, like the game as a whole, has very little impact.

There’s nothing massively wrong with VIP Guard, aside from the egregious ad-spam and eye-wateringly lengthy terms and conditions you have to opt into before playing. It’s competently made and addictive enough to keep you coming back for at least a train journey.

VIP Guard (Mobile - Free to Play)
  • The Final Score - 5/10
User Review
6.99/10 (8 votes)