Game Review: Twisty Road! (Mobile – Free to Play)

Twisty Road is a free to play mobile game developed by Voodoo. A game that has barely a few minutes of entertaining gameplay & next to no replay value. This review is for version 1.2.

Gameplay is based around seeing how long you can keep the ball on the twisting & winding road. The ball moves down the road automatically with the left side of the screen used to turn left & the right side of the screen used to turn right.

Twisty Road 2

Rack up points by smashing through panes of glass & once you’ve fallen off the road it’s game over. Unless you manage to land on a bit of the road as you fall.

…and that’s it. There is nothing more to it & very little reason to return once you’ve set yourself a decent high score.

The game doesn’t look good. So basic that it could be a flash game released in the early noughties. It does control well though, simple to play & very responsive. Being a free to play, you can’t help but expect some form of in-app purchase & Twisty Road is no different.

Twisty Road 3

A one-off purchase that removes ads costing a hilarious £2.99. Now bear in mind that ads only play once you fail & can be skipped within 5 seconds. If you chose to revive your ball after a failure you will have to sit through a full ad though. No big deal, it is a freebie after all. However, asking for £2.99 for such a basic & plain game is stupid.

You can buy full games for less.

Twisty Road!
  • The Final Score - 5/10
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