Album Review: Sonic Prophecy – Savage Gods (Rockshots Records)

Out on January 19th 2018 from Rockshot Records comes Savage Gods, the new album from American power/heavy metal band, Sonic Prophecy.

Sonic Prophecy 1

Spitting out earth shattering riffs, screeching solos & plenty of memorable hooks comes Savage Gods. An album with plenty of the old school about it in regards to the classic power/heavy metal style it adopts. Fans of Judas Priest will feel right at home.

Nearly an hour of unadulterated metal played fast & heavy. The title track, Night Terror & Unholy Blood fly by in a hail of fist-pumping rhythm helped along by the powerful & soaring vocals. The first time things slow down it’s to deliver a darker & moodier track. Dreaming of the Storm has less urgency about it but doesn’t disappoint when it comes to huge solos & exciting riffs.

Savage Gods doesn’t quite manage to keep the momentum going though as Man the Guns is pretty forgettable & while Walk Through Fire has some good use of piano it goes on a bit too long.

The latter part of the album brings things back around though with a mix of tempos on A Prayer Before Battle Before Iron Clad Heart drops a catchy & heavy rhythmic metal track that brings the smiles back. Punchy as hell.

Something that Man and Machine also manages to bring to the table just as attention is beginning to wane again. Pure head-banging glorious metal with one of the albums best solos. Savage Gods wraps up with Chasing the Horizon. Galloping riffs, crunching drum beats & a more aggressive stance finish things off strongly.

An impressive power/heavy metal release that has plenty to enjoy & keep you coming back for more.

Sonic Prophecy 2

Sonic Prophecy – Savage Gods Full Track Listing:

1. Savage Gods
2. Night Terror
3. Unholy Blood
4. Dreaming of the Storm
5. Man the Guns
6. Walk Through Fire
7. A Prayer Before Battle
8. Iron Clad Heart
9. Man and Machine
10. Chasing the Horizon

You can order the album over on Amazon, via Rockshots Records here & via Sonic Prophecy’s website. As well as finding out more about the band on their website you can also check them out on Facebook & Twitter. Finally watch some of their videos on YouTube.

Sonic Prophecy - Savage Gods (Rockshots Records)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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