Game Review: The Tower Assassin’s Creed (Mobile – Free to Play)

The Tower was a simple, one touch free to play game from mass mobile developer/publisher Ketchapp released in 2015. The gameplay was simple, build the tallest tower possible by touching the screen to line blocks up. Line them up perfectly to keep going higher & higher. Any overlaps then break off making the following block smaller.

Somewhat addictive, it was hardly deep or rewarding in gameplay. A common theme of Ketchapp’s releases. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, The Tower is back but with a special Assassin’s Creed touch.

Tower 4

The core gameplay of The Tower remains untouched. Tap the screen to stop blocks & build your tower as high as you possibly can. Here though the tower & background have an Assassin’s Creed skin with there being more locations to unlock as you level up.

In addition as you build you’ll notice a tiny assassin scampering up the tower too. At the beginning only Altair of the original game is available but by collecting helix credits you can unlock more. These are collected by building your tower as high as possible. Once you have, you can make you assassin perform a leap of faith & dive off the tower moving them left to right to collect credits as they fall. Land in the hay pile at the bottom to score bonus credits too.

Tower 3

There are nine assassins to unlock costing a varying amount of helix credits. In addition you can spend your credits on one-time use bonuses such as ‘head start’ & ‘slow time’.

The natural expectation is that the in-app purchases that this free to play game has will be related to the helix credits. However, that is not the case. In a pleasant surprise the only in-app cost is £1.99 to remove ads. That’s it. Everything can be earned in-game except one assassin. That one requires a ‘Facebook like’ to unlock.

Tower 2

Considering that The Tower Assassin’s Creed is fun to play, has all the hallmarks of the series thanks to the music & isn’t trying to pry your wallet from your fingers, that cost isn’t entirely unreasonable.

That being said, had the ‘remove ads’ option been 79p or 99p then I would be urging you to drop in the small amount of cash as the game deserves that. The problem with spending £1.99 is that you’re not really getting value for money as the gameplay is repetitive. Unless your forcing yourself to unlock all the assassins (which will take some time), you’ll be bored of this within an hour…probably less.


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The Tower Assassin’s Creed
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