Game Review: Temple Jump (Mobile – Free to Play)

Temple Jump is a free to play mobile game from Nexx Studio. This review is for version 1.1.

A one-touch game with a bit of a twist, instead of tapping the screen, you press it & hold it down to make your character leap in the air then let go to start falling down. Jump from pillar to pillar while avoiding fireballs, spike traps and collapsing platforms.

Temple Jump 2

It’s extremely addictive, fun & just the right amount of challenging. The more you play, the better you become. This is the quintessential example of the ‘just one more go’ game.

The retro pixel graphics are nice to look at & the sound effects (no music) fit the gameplay well.

Temple Jump 3

Along the way, you’ll pick up gems that can be spent on unlocking new characters, of which there are many. Ranging from 15 gems to 1900 gems, the cost of these do get a bit extreme & to unlock every single character you’re going to be at it for a while.

As well as picking up gems in the main endless mode, you can also get them by completing challenges. A nice addition that extends gameplay.

Temple Jump 4

Temple Jump comes with a couple of in-app purchases. The first being the removal of ads for £1.99. A reasonable amount considering just how addictive & fun the game is. What isn’t so reasonable are the gem prices. Considering that the collection of the characters is the only thing that will keep you coming back time & time again, spending real money to unlock them all is pretty stupid.

Temple Jump 5

To give you an example of just how silly these prices are, 2500 gems (with 25% free) costs £1.99. For that amount you could buy two characters costing 1000 & 1500 each. So, £1.99 for two skin changes because these characters are just cosmetic. If you chose to spend £3.99 on the biggest gem pack; 20000 gems (500% free apparently) you still would not have enough to buy every character. To unlock everything from the 2nd character (first is free) till the latest character available in this patch it takes a total of 21,665.

Full games with more gameplay, more variety & longevity cost less.

Temple Jump 6

It’s a pity as beyond that Temple Jump is one of the better free to play games, one that you’ll get a decent amount of time out of.

Temple Jump
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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