Game Review: Subaeria (Xbox One)

Subaeria is a top down action/puzzle game by Montreal independent developer, iLLOGIKA. The game is out now on Steam, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Subaeria 2

Players take control of Styx, a young girl who’s out for revenge after her family is murdered by the overlord of Subaeria. Explore the underwater city while fighting off murderous robots all to gain revenge and uncover the mysteries that lie below the depths.

Subaeria’s plot might be fairly basic but its gameplay is far richer and more rewarding then it first appears. The game combines roguelike elements with platforming/puzzle-based gameplay and on first go it might be a bit confusing.

Subaeria 3

Played from the top down (bird’s eye view) as players move from room to room, just what the aim is, isn’t instantly clear. Chances are your first couple of tries will leave you feeling a bit frustrated. Persevere though as Subaeria proves to be a clever and addictive game.

Playing as one of 4 characters with unique backgrounds and abilities, the aim is to move area to area defeating all of the robots. This isn’t done with brute force or weapons your character has, no instead you have to use the environments and equipped abilities to destroy them. These can range from pushing them into laser barriers, goading them into smashing into explosives or turning them against each other.

Subaeria 4

The further you make it, the more challenging they become but it’s incredibly satisfying as your hard work pays off. Each area then ends with a big boss battle that will really test your abilities and puzzle solving skills.

Die in Subaeria and it is game over with every play session being different (although not as much as you might expect). Each new turn sees your skills increase though and as you progress different skills, buffs and skins are unlocked each time.

Subaeria 5

Subaeria doesn’t want you to fail so it’s not unreasonably difficult but the longer you last and the further you make it, the more you’ll be challenged.

Visually, the game gives off a ‘Bioshock’ vibe in that it is set underwater in a kind of dystopian future but here things feel very advanced and totalitarian. It looks and sounds great, intricate details that make all the difference.

Subaeria 6

iLLOGIKA have crafted a wonderful game here. It’s not an easy story to get into but the game more than makes up for that with its ‘one more go’ addictiveness and satisfying experience the more time you put in.

  • The Final Score - 7/10
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