Game Review: Storm Rush (Mobile)

While incredibly light on content and with very simple gameplay, Storm Rush is a quality mobile game. One that is lovely to look at, to listen too and to play.

Minimalist in style, Storm Rush is a lush game that makes up for its lack of content by being addictive and fun. An endless runner, the controls are slimmed down to you literally having to move left and right into three positions on the track. Moving at a hyper speed, your goal is simply to make it as far as you can dodging around coloured pillars that come at you.

The tracks twist and turn making the perspective of the landscape and approaching pillars fluid and with the pumping soundtrack, it feels like a game with far more depth than it actually has.

Hit one of the many pillars you need to dodge around and it’s game over. Your time is set and the only goal is to try and beat it. With near instant restarts, there’s a constant pull to try and better what you did previously. However, it’s a very difficult game and anything over a minute or two will be seen as a great effort.

Gameplay can’t be faulted but in a nice surprise, the game is also visually pleasing too. Although you’ll be heavily focused on the track. Should you let your eyes wander to the backgrounds you’ll see stormy clouds that add some ominous detail. The reflecting surface of the track, which you can see being built in the distance feels very futuristic. Which fits well with the electronica soundtrack.

It sounds like a mobile game everyone should play however, it’s hard to fully recommend. For all it does right, you can’t ignore the lack of content and repetitive nature. Not only that, the lack of procedurally generated tracks is a problem. There’s some slight variation here and there but for the most part, you’ll be seeing the same thing over and over again.

It is a lot of fun though. Even if it’s short lived fun.


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Storm Rush
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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