Music News: Sonata Arctica to Perform their Acoustic Adventures 2020 show via Live Stream

Northern power metal band Sonata Arctica will perform an acoustic concert “Acoustic Adventures 2020” via live stream. This is the only chance to experience the band’s acoustic gig in 2020.

As bands become ever more creative in how they continue to distribute their music ion these difficult times, Sonata Arctica have come up with a way for them to satisfy your power metal needs.

There will be two shows; the first one aimed for the fans in America (May 29th) and the second one for the audiences in Europe and the UK (May 30th).

Sonata Arctica SemiLive Acoustic Adventures Band

You can follow the events on Facebook, here.

For American fans, tickets can be purchased, and the Live Stream can be accessed on the 29th of May  from here. Start times show below –

Los Angeles: 5pm
Chicago: 7pm
New York: 8pm
Mexico City: 7pm
Sao Paulo: 9pm

For the rest of the world, including Europe, tickets can be purchased, and the event accessed from here on the 30th. Again, sample start times show below.

Helsinki: 9 pm
Tokyo: 3am (May 31st)
Melbourne: 10am (May 30th)

Tickets for Acoustic Adventures 2020 cost a meer 8,50€ and give you access to the live stream and archived video for 48 hours. Don’t miss out!

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