Game Review: Space Cat! (Mobile – Free to Play)

Space Cat is a free to play mobile game by developer Viker. Retro graphics, sound effects & music all wrapped up with easy to understand gameplay, a decent progression system & not an in-app purchase to be found. This review is for version 1.0.

Space Cat 2

You control a cat (that appears to be stuck in a donut) as it flies through space. Your aim is to make it as far as possible destroying everything in your path. All while dodging the insane number of projectiles that come at you. Making it far is a real challenge. You’re going to need to upgrade your cat’s abilities before you really can start to enjoy the game.

Space Cat 3

You do this by spending coins that you collect on each attempt. Thankfully, Space Cat is very generous with its coins. The upgrades are also reasonably priced. After each run ends, you will also be given the opportunity to watch a 30 second video to double the coins you have.

Space Cat 4

Space Cat is fun & it looks great. As tough as it can get, there is a sense of reward as you blast your way through the many enemies that stand in your way. Controlling it is as simple as moving the cat up & down on the left of the screen. Shoot by pressing the button on the right. Hold the button down to fire a constant stream of lasers, something that is extremely necessary.

Space Cat 5

It’s not got hours of gameplay. However, compared to many on the free to play market, it offers a plentiful experience.


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Space Cat!
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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