Game Review: The Sky Castle (Mobile – Free to Play)

The Sky Castle is a free to play mobile game developed by Nexx Studio. This review is for version 1.0.1.

A bit of an unknown developer on the free to play market, Nexx Studio make one-touch games that are addictive, nice to look at & have mostly reasonable in-app purchases. The Sky Castle is one such game, a one-button platformer that sees you jumping up a floating castle collecting gems.

Sky Castle 2

The aim is to get as high as you can & collect as many gems as possible. The castle platforms collapse after a short while as you tap to jump off walls & over obstacles. Endless gameplay with some variety in castles, The Sky Castle is both challenging & addictive.

Sky Castle 3

It plays nicely, is very responsive & is attractive to look at. There are no other modes unfortunately but there are 25 unlockable characters with each costing 150 gems. Purely cosmetic, the characters extend longevity by calling to the collector in every gamer.

How many gems you can earn all depends on how good you are at the game but it’s a fairly generous game. You can also watch a short ad every couple of turns to get 30 gems for free.

Sky Castle 4

It’s a free to play game so some form of in-app purchase is expected. Happily, The Sky Castle has just one (as of now) which is to remove ads & costs £1.99. Not an unreasonable amount especially considering the addictiveness of the game. If you don’t fancy spending that, the ads are mostly unobtrusive popping up after couple of turns. The only annoyance comes with the banner ad at the bottom which can be accidentally hit if you pressing the screen near the bottom.

Sky Castle 5


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The Sky Castle
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