Game Review: Santa Rush – Don’t Slow Down (Mobile – Free to Play)

Santa Rush – Don’t Slow Down is a free to play (completely free too) endless runner with simple controls, nice pixel visuals & a retro Christmas soundtrack.

Santa Rush 2

A very basic game, Santa automatically runs right begin chased by legions of his adoring fans. Tap the screen to jump over obstacles & keep Santa out of the clutches of the children. Unlike many other games like this, hitting an obstacle doesn’t mean game over. Only one, a charging reindeer will cause this. Instead, hit an obstacle & Santa will lose some of the candy he is carrying causing the children to get closer to him.

Hit to many & it is game over.

Santa Rush 3

The goal is simply to make it as far as you can & set a high score. That’s it, nothing more. Five minutes of gameplay max that at least looks pretty & has a nice 8-bit soundtrack. If you’re looking for a short bit of festive gameplay then Santa Rush will deliver.

…and of course, it’s completely free.

Santa Rush 4

Santa Rush - Don’t Slow Down
  • 6.5/10
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