Album Review: PelleK – Christmas With PelleK (Self Released)

Released in 2013, Christmas With PelleK is an eight track Christmas songs covers album from PelleK.

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We’ve covered PelleK’s work before. The man’s talented & having fun with rock & metal. We can get into him rocking up movie/TV soundtracks & 80’s classics as these are things that can at least be called unique. What isn’t so unique though are Christmas covers so it’s with a sense of trepidation that we hit play on Christmas With PelleK.

There was no real reason to worry though as the talented guitarist turns Twelve Days Of Christmas into a power metal epic with a light dusting of cheese. It’s an entertaining start that does exactly what is says on the tin, metals up Twelve Days Of Christmas.

Unfortunately O Christmas Tree doesn’t quite follow it up. A vocal/piano intro only serves to expose what isn’t a great voice at times & the off-key melody is a bit frustrating. By time it kicks in to a harder rock sound, the damage is done.

It’s not the only one to suffer though. Deck the Halls is a bit pants even if the galloping metal beat sounds decent enough. Jingle Bells offers absolutely nothing fresh or interesting to a song that has been ‘rocked/metaled’ up so many times. As for Come All Ye Fathful? The moment Twisted Sister rocked this it should have guaranteed no-one ever tried to cover it again. PelleK’s isn’t the worst but it’s so far from greatness.

Thankfully O Holy Night saves the album from completely jumping off the cliff. A wickedly soulful rendition that does an impressive job of giving it a speedy middle without losing the mournful melody.

Like many a Christmas covers album the final holiday-related track is Silent Night. A plain & uninspired version that can be at best called…sweet.

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PelleK – Christmas With PelleK Full Track Listing:

1. Twelve Days Of Christmas
2. O Christmas Tree
3. Deck the Halls
4. Beautiful Savior
5. Jingle Bells
6. O Holy Night
7. Come All Ye Faithful
8. Silent Night

Check it out yourself below via Apple Music.


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PelleK - Christmas With PelleK (Self Released)
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