Game Review: Rise of Insanity (Xbox One)

Rise of Insanity is a first-person psychological horror that sees you take on the role of a doctor who must uncover the truth behind his latest patient’s split personality. Delving into the dark recesses of his mind. How is this patient involved with the tragedy that befell the doctors family?

Insanity 2

Set in 1970, the lack of understanding behind mental health issues makes for a somewhat disturbing experience. Dr Stephen Dowell’s methods have been called into question and he faces his biggest challenge so far. Not only that but it seems as though the good doctor harbours some secrets of his own.

Red Limb Studio can be commended for their attempt to tell a deeper and more impactful story here. Rise of Insanity’s tale of psychological horror is interesting and the further you go down the rabbit hole the better it becomes. As you uncover the truth it certainly proves to be a well told tale.

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What isn’t so well done are the games attempts to frighten. It has tense moments but the jump scares are uninspired and ineffective. The real horror of the game comes from the notes, pictures and recordings dotted throughout the game that give clues to what may have taken place.

Gameplay is super-simple and mostly linear. Controlled from the first-person perspective you must explore environments that include your family home, the garden outside and the hospital. Some of these are quite imaginative and visually striking.

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The aim is to hunt for clues and solve the occasional puzzle. The latter is what makes this less of a walking simulator even though there are just a handful. Mostly finding a key or working out the combination to a lock, hardly mind-bending. They just serve as small obstacles for you to overcome to continue the story.

It’s very simple to play. Walk, look and interact with objects. There is very little to it and with the basic looking visuals, it probably wouldn’t be worth your time if it wasn’t for the story. One that pays off in a really satisfying way.

Insanity 5

It’s not a long game and can be wrapped up in about 90 minutes but during that time you’ll be fascinated about the tale of mental health and the horrors that came about from the patient the doctor was working with.

A bit more polish and a bit more meat to the bones of gameplay and we would have had something really special here.

Rise of Insanity
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