EP Review: Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas – Cygnus: Perturbator Remix (Blood Music)

Originally the final track on the 5-track album called, Mariner (read our review here). This 1 track EP takes that combined effort of Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas and gives it the remix treatment.

Cygnus is an incredible track and the thought of listening to some vapid and empty remix that fails to capture the meticulous savage beauty of it is not appealing.

The industrial sound is reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails, layered with fuzzy and dark synth while deathly heavy vocals ring out. Swapping places with Christmas’ style a couple of minutes in, an interesting track steps up a notch as her vocals are truly exceptional.

At the halfway mark, it drops away with a throbbing bassy echo. Soft melody plays distantly as waves of synth wash over for the final few minutes until a bit of hyper-intensity closes the door. A tad pointless really which is what the song is overall.

It’s not bad, it would have taken something momentous to screw up such a great track but its a remix that seems so pointless. It’s never going to be a song you’d choose to listen too over the original and really isn’t that inventive either.

Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas - Cygnus: Perturbator Remix (Blood Music)
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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