Game Review: Refunct (Xbox One)

Refunct is right up there as one of the least complicated yet somehow most relaxing games that I have ever experienced. It can best be described as a first-person platforming game. There is no introduction or tutorials; you begin on a blank platform. Step forward and you’ll notice that the once bland looking ground beneath you will have changed to a vibrant colour. Look around and you’ll discover a watery environment filled with simple, colourless geometric shapes.  You can jump, slide and swim. The game’s challenge is in figuring out how to reach higher platforms with the tools provided. There are red buttons that shine like beacons in the distance. From here on, these must be pressed to unlock the next piece of the puzzle.

There is neither death nor enemies to speak of in Refunct. The game is fully designed to give players the least stressful experience possible.

First and foremost, there is something unequivocally beautiful about this game. It is ridiculously simplistic but that is clearly the intention. The few things that it does attempt it nails perfectly. The controls for the game are smooth, responsive and free-flowing. You can free-run from one side of the environment to the other with such ease, it’s really fun.

Presumably, Refunct would not be as effective if it didn’t look as good as it does. The colours are striking and the water is rendered surprisingly well. Additionally, there is even a seamless day to night cycle that really helps to add to the ambience.

I’m a huge fan of atmospheric soundtracks. Ultimately,  Refunct wouldn’t be the same without its memorable score. It goes from a calming piano track to a more upbeat electronic number, it’s very fitting. The notable aspects of Refunct fuse to create an unexpectedly unique adventure.

However, the biggest negative that I or anyone can throw at this game is its length. Non-achievement hunters beware, there is very little for you here. There are a total of 10 achievements to be obtained. To 100% complete the game will take you anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your memorization skills.

Once you’ve pressed the last button you’re given a time for how long it took you to press them all. Also, you are given a percentage which is based around how many blocks you coloured. The toughest achievement requires you to complete the game in less than 4 minutes. This definitely requires some skill but it mainly comes down to how well you can remember things. It took me a number of attempts to nail it. My best time was 3 minutes & 29 seconds. I recorded a speed run that you can check out below if you need any tips.

Also, there are some collectibles that come in the form of floating cubes. These are dotted around but very easy to obtain.

Of course, you’d be making a valid point if you accused the games length of being ridiculous. Still, the best thing about Refunct is the price. It cost me a measly £1.50 which is an absolute bargain in my opinion.

Overall, Refunct may be a very short experience but it manages to achieve more in that time than others do in much more. It is a wonderful change of pace from the avalanche of shooters out there.  It’s an easy completion which will appeal to many people. I say give it a shot, it doesn’t cost very much. You might just find it as enjoyable and relaxing as I did.


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