Horror Movie Review: Leprechaun – Back 2 Tha Hood (2003)

Here it is then. The final Leprechaun movie before the horrible abortion that was the remake, Leprechaun Origins in 2014 (check out our review of that film here).

Released in 2003, the offensively named Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood (offensive because of how shite it is) continues the ‘blaxploitation’ style of the previous movie but removes all the charm, comedy, interesting leads & decent acting.

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The series was six feet under after Leprechaun in the Hood but Back 2 Tha Hood sets about filling in the grave…with cement.

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In a stunning turn of events, Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood opens with an animated explanation about the origins of old Leppy. It turns out that he was one of many, summoned to protect a King’s gold. When the King died the Leprechauns returned to where they came from…all except one who became obsessed with the gold he was protecting.

As the centuries past his obsession turned him bitter & evil (basically the one ring) meaning he would do anything to protect the gold. Yes, Back 2 Tha Hood is a return to the Leprechaun wanting his gold. Forget the magic flute of the previous film & the ending, it doesn’t matter.

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We see Father Jacob (Willie C. Carpenter) cornered by the Leprechaun (played by Warwick Davis for the final time) having found his gold. The two battle with Father Jacob managing to banish the Leprechaun before dying of injures sustained in the fight.

A year later, Emily (Tangi Miller) & Lisa (Sherrie Jackson) have their fortune read by a clairvoyant called Esmeralda (Donzaleigh Abernathy). She sees great fortune in their future but warns them about taking it for if they do, great evil will be summoned.

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While hanging out near the site of Father Jacob’s battle with Leppy, Emily falls through a hole. She lands in a chamber where she discovers the Leprechaun’s gold. She splits it with her friends who use it to fulfil their wildest fantasies. All while unaware that the Leprechaun has now been summoned. He wants his gold back & will stop at nothing to get it.

Back 2 Tha Hood does the seemingly impossible task of being worse than Leprechaun in the Hood. A boring story, terrible characters & casual racism combine to make a movie that is near unwatchable. Even Warwick Davis has clearly checked out at this stage.

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Attempting to replicate the gritty realism of in the Hood, Back 2 Tha Hood ends up coming across far more cartoony. The setting might be ‘urban’ but nothing else is.

The acting is sub-par but with such poorly written characters not much could really be expected. Nobody stands out, compared to in the Hood that at least had people you remembered. You won’t care who lives or dies here, in fact as the movie drags on & on you’ll wish everyone dead just so the film ends. It’s incredibly boring.

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The one shining light is the finale. An ending that sees the Leprechaun get buried in cement alongside his gold, effectively ending the series. It felt final & was a fitting way to close things out except the damn film doesn’t commit to it. Instead showing a brief animation of the bugger digging his way out!

It’s hard to be disappointed with the poor quality of Back 2 Tha Hood because no-one should have any expectations going in. However it ends up being so much worse.

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