Game Review: Merge Town! (Mobile – Free to Play)

Be warned, you’re going to get a sore thumb when playing Merge Town. Seriously, is this what passes for a game now?

This review is for version 1.8.0.

Merge Town 1

Merge Town gives you a plot of land where it’s up to you to develop it into a town. You do this by merging buildings of the same style to create bigger ones. Every so often you’re gifted a new building & every house you have on your land will earn money. Bigger houses mean more money earned which can be spent on more houses.

As you grow you’ll level up & get new plots of land to build on. Eventually you’ll even unlock new towns to develop.

Merge Town 2

Initially very addictive, that quickly wears off. When the realisation sinks in that all you’re doing is tapping over & over again to get houses to merge. Add the constant ads that pop up almost every time you go into a menu & you’ll quickly become frustrated with the game.

Not playing it will see you still earn money. It always make me laugh that this is a selling point of many of these games. This can be doubled by watching a 30 second video ad. Considering the high cost of buildings, you’ll be doing this a lot.

Merge Town 3

Not really an issue though as it’s a free to play game. Ads are to be expected but it does over-do it a little.

Being free to play there are in-app purchases but Merge Town uses a little imagination here. There are 4 all costing £1.99 & they offer varying results. You can increase the permanent speed of house deliveries, you can increase the chance of gaining mystery houses & change the level of the houses delivered.

You can also remove ads for the same price but in a decent showing by the developer any actual purchase will automatically remove ads too. The purchases are never thrown at you & other than the small icon in the corner you would never even know a shop existed!

Merge Town 4

Regardless the prices aren’t worth it as the game just doesn’t have enough content or re-playability. It’s fun for an hour & in that time the developer will have certainly got their ad revenue out of you!

Merge Town!
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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