Game Review: Into the Dead (Mobile – Free to Play)

A free to play game that is far more fun then any endless runner has any right to be, Into the Dead is a first person zombie horror game developed by PikPok.

The endless landscape is teeming with the walking dead and as the player, you are forced to run. Move left or right to dodge the zombies with the aim being to simply make it as far as you can. The further you make it, the more zombies and obstacles appear making the game much harder.

Everyone will eventually fall into the arms of a waiting flesh-eater although you can make it easier with perks, weapons and bonuses. Unlocked by spending coins and completing set missions.

Coins are earned by simply playing the game and can then be spent on adding perks to your next run. Perks such as starting 1500 metres along already, having a canine buddy to help clear out zombies and extra ammo for your weapons.

As mentioned, these are unlocked by completing missions, normally a set of them to allow the use of a specific weapons. These missions can be completed as you play the game but get substantially trickier as you complete more and more.

Complete a set and a new weapon will be unlocked and available to be collected in-game. Done by running over the weapon crates that periodically appear. Useful but flawed, the weapons are no-where as effective as they could be thanks to limited ammo and the lack of aim. The latter meaning most weapons are useless unless a zombie is up close, giving the player a false sense of security.

Something you don’t want as Into the Dead’s onslaught of zombie action requires you to be constantly on your toes. It’s surprisingly tense while also being surprisingly fun yet misses the mark in longevity. A common problem with endless runners.

Of course, this is a free to play game also, which means it comes with a whole bunch of in-app purchases. The best weapons are behind paywalls sadly and the in-game currency of coins can’t be used. These prices aren’t reasonable either, no matter how much fun you have in the short-term.


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Into the Dead
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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