Album Review: Fleshwolf – Fleshwolf (Self Released)

Fleshwolf is a one-man Death Metal project from Northern Ireland, strongly influenced by classic Swedish Death Metal.

The self-titled album will be released on the 1st May 2020, consisting of eight tracks of putrid licks & groove reminiscent of early ’90’s Stockholm, combined with the dark delivery of early death metal.

Inspired by the sound of Boss HM2 Heavy Metal pedal of the Swedish death metal scene, Fleshwolf is a one man band born from a tenacious DIY ethos. Marty Robinson wrote and played all instruments (except drums), as well as recording and mixing the album himself.

The album is a collection of tales taken from the very real and unforgiving world, the esoteric, the fantastic as well as deeply personal matters.

In his own words:

Fleshwolf is a project I had to create and an album I had to write. It was equally difficult and cathartic for me. To take on all roles of music creation and promotion is a lengthy and time consuming ordeal. The album itself was completed early 2019 but family, jobs and the general grind of life kept pushing the album release back. I am so pleased to finally get Fleshwolf into the public domain, as it is a collection of eight songs which I feel compliment the already strong and vast underground metal scene.

As I get older, I should really know better, but it’s difficult to break the “angry young man” attitude. With the world seemingly getting closer to the dystopian visions of our classic books and movies, I fear for my children’s future, although there are still traces of hope. All of this, coupled with daily struggles of social interaction and life in general, whilst painful to expand on, provide for a rich source of lyrical inspiration.

It always amazes us what one person with the drive and talent is capable of and in the case of Fleshwolf, that is a hell of a lot. The self-titled album is entrenched in that Swedish death metal sound yet doesn’t come across as a tribute or rehash of previous efforts.

Instead, what we have here is a rampant, spluttering and scowling death metal record that has one clear goal… melt the brains of listeners.

A goal that Fleshwolf accomplish thanks to the blistering pace that is kept up throughout. The strength of the guitar riffing, the rawness of the vocals that cuts rivets through the mind and the furious slamming of the drums. All of it combines to deliver a non-stop thrill ride of death metal.

There really isn’t a bad track on the album, not even something average. However, if you really want to experience just one individual taste of what Fleshwolf have to offer then it has to Deathstare. A blazing showcase of speed and heaviness broken up by these moments that just send the mind wild.

A great effort.

Fleshwolf – Fleshwolf Full Track Listing:

1. The Rot
2. Trench
3. Static
4. Transcend
5. Deathstare
6. Of the Night
7. Dark Corners
8. Born of Anger




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Fleshwolf – Fleshwolf (Self Released)
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