Game Review: Hidden My Game By Mom 2 – Escape Room (Mobile – Free to Play)

Hidden My Game By Mom 2 – Escape Room (yes, that is its actual title) is a free to play game by Hap Inc & is available on mobile now.

The premise sees a young boy having to find his games console (clearly a Nintendo DS) in his house. His mother, sick of him playing it, has hidden it & it’s up to the boy to work out just where. However, mom is watching & if she catches you it’s game over.


Gameplay is simple, just click on the objects in the room to find the console. At first it’s just a matter of opening drawers or checking under cushions but later levels get much tougher & you’LL have to use items you’ve picked up to find the console. It gets extremely wacky with one level requiring you to drop a banana in the path of oncoming go-kart racers so you can get to the fridge.

That might imply it’s got deep gameplay but it really doesn’t. It’s spread over two very basic rooms that never change & is mostly trial & error. The only punishment for failing is having to try again & listen to the boy loudly saying ‘Momma’.


The sound effects & music is excruciatingly bad, this is a game you play on mute. To make matters worse it’s clear that English isn’t the developers first language as there are numerous spelling errors & confusing word structures. It’s not a big deal but it hardly fills you with confidence that you’re playing a labour of love here. In fact the developer, Hap Inc has quite a few basic games & applications available to download such as 10 Dice Free (shake dice, that is it!), Toast Girl (endless runner style) & Androgen (grow a beard?).

This is a case of quantity over quality.


There are 30 levels in total that take between 1-2 hours to complete depending on your patience. It’s a decent amount of content for a free to play especially as it (currently) has no in-app purchases. There is a small banner ad that runs along the top of the screen but it’s unobtrusive & every so often you’ll get a full screen ad pop up but that can normally be skipped after a few seconds.

Fun at first, the wackier it gets the less fun it becomes as it’s all just trial & error from that point omwards. The later solutions are never obvious & will just leave you feeling confused as to why you’re even bothering when this developer clearly didn’t.



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Hidden My Game By Mom 2 - Escape Room
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