Album Review: Threatpoint – R.I.P. (Self-Released)

Threatpoint are a groove metal band based out of Scranton Pennsylvania. Formed in early 2012 from the demise of other bands that shared the stage many times over. Fast forward to 2016, with two full length albums and hundreds of shows across the United States, founding members Chris James (vocals) CJ Krukowski (drums) and Alex Olivetti (guitar) have kept the fire burning alive and well along with Matthew Van Fleet (bass).

You can read more about Threatpoint in our interview with them here with their latest album, R.I.P. being released in October 2016. You can pick it up here.

For 48 minutes Threatpoint set about trying to tear oFf your face with their intense brand of heavy metal. R.I.P. is an all-out assault that has one goal in mind…destroy.

The opening title track doesn’t disappoint with its groove-heavy beat & snarling vocals that take on a more threatening style when vocalist Chris James spits out ‘rest in peace’. Aggression is the name of the game with songs like Deadend Machineland, Thy Will Be Done & Laugh Now…Cry Later being pure head-banging tunes. The former in particular with its whispered vocals followed by sudden guitar blasts really stands out.

This isn’t epic-sounding metal mixing lots of elements, pace changes or anything like that. It’s 4/5 minute long tracks filled with catchy groove, sing-along choruses & enough hard-hitting moments to get the pit moving.

There are few complaints to be had here…it’s not got much in the way of variety but it hardly matters as each song stands strongly on their own, offering something that makes them sound individual but retaining a similar sound that fits in with the overall album. Take Writing on the Wall as an example…the chuggy beat changes the pace up so that when a guitar solo is dropped near the end it fits the song perfectly.

Near the latter end of the album it does slip into a more formulaic sound but these moments are brief & over before they have too much of a negative effect with One in the Chamber…One in the Chest doing little to excite. The album ends on a strikingly good note though with the double header of Angels With Broken Wings & Death Rides Again. The former has the most melody found throughout the entire album while the latter is just one final gut-punch of uncompromising metal.

R.I.P has bagfulls of riffs on show & alongside the killer drumming & pissed off vocal style results in an album that makes a statement, a statement of intent that Threatpoint are here & you better be listening.

Overall Track Listing:

1. R.I.P.
2. Deadend Machineland
3. Tombstones of my Enemies
4. Thy Will Be Done
5. Light Bleeds Through the Black
6. Bury the Wicked
7. Laugh Now…Cry Later
8. Writings on the Wall
9. One in the Chamber…One in the Chest
10. Face Your Fear
11. Angels With Broken Wings
12. Death Rides Again

We’d like to thank Threatpoint & Stencil PR for providing us with a copy of the album for this review. You can find out even more about Threatpoint on their official website here, on Facebook, on ReverbNation where you can check out some of the band’s music & upcoming tour dates as well as on Soundcloud & YouTube.


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Threatpoint - R.I.P. (Self-Released)
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