Game Review: Heartbreak (Mobile – Free to Play)

From prolific free to play publisher/developer Ketchapp, alongside Estoty, comes a mobile game to enjoy if Valentine’s Day makes your stomach churn a little. Forget giving out love hearts! Load your arrows and break those hearts!

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A super simple arcade game that isn’t trying to be anything but what it is. Heartbreak is about getting the highest score possible by shooting hearts that move back and forth on the screen. Miss a shot and its game over, your score is set and try again.

Along the way you can collect coins which can then be spent on unlocking different types of arrows. 17 are available to unlock with coins and 2 can be unlocked by liking and following Ketchapp on their social media platforms. To unlock them all though will take some serious time as the game is very stingy when it comes to coins.

There’s nothing else to the game. Ketchapp and Estoty promised an arcade style game and they delivered. Heartbreak is the perfect example of a game that is literally designed to waste a short train journey or to pass the time in a waiting room. 10-15 minutes of addictive gameplay that you quickly tire of and forget about the moment you close it down.

That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement of the game. However, considering this is pretty much all the free to play market is these days, at least here we have something decent. That pop up ads are at a minimum and to remove them completely costs very little is the icing on the cake.

We’ll take something like this over the ad-spam horror show that has become the norm these days on the free to play market. That Heartbreak has some addictiveness and replay value makes it a mild recommendation. Don’t expect something truly outstanding and you won’t be disappointed.


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Heartbreak (Mobile - Free to Play)
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