Game Review: Gear Race 3D (Mobile – Free to Play)

Rollic Games, one of the more prolific free to play developers, brings us Gear Race 3D. Where the goal is to win races by shifting up and down gears at the right time to ensure your speed is kept up.

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Win (which is very, very easy to do) by crossing the finish line first, then tap the screen to get your car as far as possible. Eventually it stopping in multiplier boxes to increase the money earned. That money is then spent on three possible upgrades. You can increase your base speed, add more gears to the car and upgrade the engine cooler.

Collect enough money and more cars can be unlocked. Random choices marked as ‘rare’, ‘epic’ and ‘unique’ but are nothing more than skin changes. Reasons to keep playing on but hardly a thrilling reward for the super-repetitive gameplay.

Aside from a ‘boss’ race, there’s nothing else to the game. It’s race after race with bland tracks that are only varied by peaks and valleys that require you to shift carefully and smartly. Not that it really matters as even if you stall, the AI is normally so far behind already that correcting your mistake does little but extend the race.

After only a handful of levels most will find themselves bored senseless by the game. Something that is made all the worse by a hefty amount of ad-spam. One after almost every race meaning you spend as much time watching and waiting to skip as you will playing. It’s the same old problem and the same old frustrations that we will never tire of mentioning.

Nor will we ever tire of saying just how lazy and uninspired Gear Race 3D is. The total lack of effort is immediately noticeable and it will be deleted by most as quickly as it was downloaded.

At least it works, eh?

Gear Race 3D (Mobile - Free to Play)
  • The Final Score - 4/10
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