EP Review: Vista – The Ruins (Self Released)

Alternative rock band Vista will release their upcoming EP, “The Ruins,” on October 25th 2019. “The Ruins” will be the first in a trilogy of EPs, which together will tell the story of recovery from personal ‘ruins,’ including loss and grief (the remaining two EPs in the trilogy will be titled “The Repair” and “The Revival”; release dates TBA).

Having not released a record since 2017, “The Ruins” showcases a clear evolution for Visya, who have since released four singles and completed five US tours. A blend of active rock and cinematic pop, the 5-track collection is expressive, atmospheric, and lyrically haunting, but allows opportunity for discussion about much more personal topics.

Artwork: Holly Turner

An unusual intro with the title track implies this EP might be a bit more electronica then rock but happily that is not the case as it bleeds into After Death. A nice bit of rock bounce led by an incredible vocal performance that exemplifies power and pain.

Even without knowing anything about Vista, you can tell they’ve got stories to share here.

Sin City is a tad more mellow in style and dripping in emotion whereas I Don’t Need Help is defiant and about as heavy as it gets for Vista. The vocal pairing here works so damn well.

Finally this cathartic EP ends with Novocaine, a melodramatic but impactful melodious effort.

Vista – The Ruins Full Track Listing:

1. The Ruins
2. After Death
3. Sin City
4. I Don’t Need Help (feat. Okan Kazdal)
5. Novocaine


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Vista - The Ruins (Self Released)
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