Game Review: Game Dev Story (Mobile)

If you need proof that the mobile market isn’t filled with just freemium trash & that there are some developers with actual skill & dedication to their craft…look no further then Game Dev Story.

One of the finest games to be released on the mobile market, it sees you take control of a small time video games company with the aim of turning it into a global giant. A simulation game, it follows the timeline of the video game industry with consoles mirroring the actual ones released sporadically.

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The idea is for you to make hit titles after having agreed licences with the console makers. Hiring staff, training them & ensuring you’re getting the best out of them is just one part of creating a great game.

Choosing the right platform to release your game is important as each hold a share of the market. Releasing a high budget game on a console that has been on the market for years & has only a small percentage of the market won’t translate into many sales.

Game Dev 1

Genre & type are a combination that has to appeal to a certain type of gamer. At first you’ll be limited to what you can do in these categories but as you grow more options will become available. Want to make a ninja racing game or an audio novel about golf? Game Dev Story has many combinations that you can try to see what works. All of these options cost money & increase your overall development costs.

At first money will come & go very quickly…you’ll end up in debt easily so you do have to balance your budget well. Early on it’s sensible to just focus on one console & making cheap puzzle or card games. This will start the money moving even if it doesn’t reap huge returns.

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As a game is being developed you can control the speed of development & which staff work on certain areas of the game such as story, graphics, fun or sound. There is such a sense of pride upon completing a game & seeing the review scores coming in. These scores are a great incentive to do better, watching reviewers destroy a game you spent millions on all because you thought a card game about robots was a good idea is heart-breaking but a great incentive to try again.

As your company grows so will your surroundings as you move to bigger & better offices allowing you to hire even more staff & handle tougher projects such as developing a console.

Game Dev 3

The bigger your fan base, the more sales you’ll get from your games. Advertisements, events & the game awards are great ways to promote yourself & the games you sell. The game awards that take place at the end of the year in particular are a big event & you’ll strive to create something worthy of winning the Game of the Year award & the million dollar prize (I’ve been a runner-up 4 times, still waiting for that award!).

As simulations go this is one of the best on the market , Game Dev Story is very addictive with a huge amount of freedom to develop your company as you want.

Game Dev 4

Quite simply brilliant.

For the price (£2.29) you are getting one of the best games available on mobiles to date. Many horrible free to play games expect more money just for a handful of extra turns. Buy this…


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