Album Review: Lycus – Chasms (Relapse Records)

Nothing clears the cobwebs out of your head like some a nice slab of doom. Only 4 tracks long but coming in at over 40 minutes long, Chasms is gut-wrenchingly heavy combining slow doomy riffs with death metal-style vocals.

Compared to many a doom metal record, Chasms flows beautifully & rarely bores with its repeating riffs as subtle changes throughout offer just enough variety that is pleasing to the ears. The mixing of softer more soulful singing every so often really does wonders for the overall package giving it a more mournful tone (I’ve heard that this type of sub-genre is called funeral doom).

Chasms demands you listen with your full attention, it conjures up images of darken great halls, men & women in robes, sombre expressions as a funeral pyre is lit. The light bouncing off their faces creating shadows that remind you of just how dark the night is.

While a haunting listen it doesn’t have many memorable moments & it’s not likely to stick with you long after the final dulcet tones have echoed out.

Full track-list:

1. Solar Chamber
2. Chasms
3. Mirage
4. Obsidian Eyes

Lycus - Chasms (Relapse Records)
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