Game Review: Flipper Dunk (Mobile – Free to Play)

From Rollic Games comes Flipper Dunk. A fun, addictive and easy to play free to play game available now. This review is for version 1.6.

Gameplay couldn’t be any simpler as this is basic pinball with just one flipper. A flipper you control by touching the screen. The aim? To get the basketball in the hoop. Easier said then done especially as each level has a set number of hoops to be dunked in that move position before it is complete.

It’s very simple to play and impressively addictive. The epitome of a ‘one more go’ game. Now I know what you’re thinking…where is the but?

Well, truth be told there isn’t one here. Don’t get me wrong, Flipper Dunk has the same issues as most free to play games. It’s ad heavy, encourages even more ads to get bonuses and charges the egregious amount of £2.99 to remove ads from the game. However, it makes up for all of this by having longevity and by not over-doing it.

There are three modes, the level based main one. A daily challenge and endless mode. The first two are where you can unlock gems which are then spent on new skins for your flipper and new balls. Nothing that changes gameplay but a welcome addition for the gamer who likes to unlock everything.

More gems can of course be unlocked by watching ads but can also be unlocked by collecting keys which then unlock chests. In those chests you can get random amounts of gems or even new flippers and balls.

It’s not just all these unlockables that will keep you coming back though. As said at the start, Flipper Dunk is surprisingly addictive and that alone makes it one of the better free to play games on the market.

Flipper Dunk
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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