Game Review: Flappy Dunk (Mobile – Free to Play)

Taking the simple ‘tap’ premise made popular by the success of Flappy Bird, Flappy Dunk evolves that idea & in turn becomes something of a decent game!

Incredibly simple but difficult to put down, Flappy Dunk tasks you with keeping a basketball in the air by tapping the screen. Touching the roof or floor will end the game as will missing one of the many hoops that make up the major component of gameplay. The idea is to dunk the basketball into the hoops to earn points & try & set a high score, miss one & it’s game over. Hoops will change in shapes, move & often be angled at a position to make the task a little tougher.

Flappy Dunk 2

Additionally you can earn multipliers by getting ‘swishes’. This involves getting the ball through a hoop without touching any part of the hoop. It takes some deft tapping to judge the bounce of your basketball & get it through a hoop perfectly.

In most games like this, that would be all you got. Tap away, earn a high score, then bugger off but not before watching a bunch of ads or chucking them some money to remove those ads.

Flappy Dunk 3


Flappy Dunk has both (ads & a paid for ad-free option) but chooses to work a little harder then most to earn those things. For starters, it has an additional mode where you can take part in specific challenges. These include getting 3 swishes, dealing with a slower moving basketball and low gravity. There are 51 of them ranging from easy to very hard. As well as the mirror versions to beat as well! Easily the most fun part of the game as the main part where you look to score a high score has very little replay value.

Flappy Dunk 4

As well as all that there are 42 skins to collect & unlock in-game. Change the colour of the basketball, add some wings if you want & even change the hoop colours too. All unlocked in-game. Now that’s rare.

Flappy Dunk 5

More fun & addictive then it deserves to be. However it lets itself down with the price of the ad removal option. Clicking to remove ads you’d expect to see 79p or 99p pop up. Instead the outrageous price of £2.99 pops up. To remove ads!? In a Flappy Bird clone!? That only really has some extra challenges to add more longevity to gameplay!?

Unbelievably greedy.

Flappy Dunk
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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