Album Review – Tonight the Revenge Starts by Blaze the Thunder (Self Released)

Los Angeles based metal/punk band, Blaze the Thunder, will release their debut album on November the 11th this year. That album is called Tonight the Revenge Starts and it will be released independently. Tonight the Revenge Starts is mixed by Cameron Webb  (Motörhead, Megadeth, Danzig, NOFX) and mastered by Paul Logus (Pantera, Anthrax, Steel Panther, Killswitch Engage).

Blaze the Thunder was started by Roberto de la Rosa as a side project in 2010 while he lived in Mexico City though he moved to Los Angeles to record the debut album. It was here, after a few line up changes, that Matt Oloffson joined on drums and Weedz joined on bass. With everything now in place, the band recorded Tonight the Revenge Starts and are just a few weeks away from unleashing their heavy metal, thrash and punk inspired beast for everyone to hear.

Revenge Starts

Tonight the Revenge Starts is 8 tracks, or around 30 minutes, of energetic, raucous, thrashing fun. From the heavily distorted intro and quick drum beat of the opener, Through the Night, you feel instantly involved and excited. Rip-roaring thrash rhythms with a punk, in your face, attitude hook you in completely. The vocals are chock full of attitude and perfectly match the thumping bass, intricate guitar leads and pounding drums. When the solo hits, you feel yourself lift with it as it soars along at different paces and pitches. As an opener for a new band’s debut, it is absolutely superb.

You would be forgiven for thinking that a band can’t possibly keep this up for the whole album but they pretty much do. They also aren’t shy of mixing the sound up a little. You get a bit more groove in the beginning of Nightmare and also in Fireground.  Nightmare uses a bit of a stop/start style, just so you can catch your breath. The vocal rhythm in the verse is pure ear candy, the bass sounds huge and there is another massive solo. Fireground’s vocals really stand out. I’m a big fan of Roberto’s singing style. His vocals are gravelly but clear and have a little touch of menace to them. Another complex and interesting solo closes Fireground.

Despite how good everything is here so far, the drums stand out even further. Matt Oloffson is one hell of a drummer and his frenetically fast, rhythmic patterns and immaculate timing really stands out.

Revenge Starts

A Vulture has another really cool riff. It has a hard and heavy sound, as a track and the vocals sound particularly menacing here. The track kind of descends into chaos near the end of the solo before settling back into the rhythm again. The drums, again, are insane both for speed and or the beat they are pounding out. Album closer, Uber Alles is another really heavy track with furious drum blasts and a chunky bass sound. The vocals are strong and I like the added strength from the backing vocals. There is a nice pit ready bassy instrumental section, one of the catchiest choruses on the album and another excellent solo.

A bit more creativity comes on the track Razor which has a soft, almost flamenco sounding guitar in the intro. Out of nowhere the heavy electric guitars roar into life. There is a nice rhythm to this track and the speed with which the vocals are delivered is jaw-dropping. Roberto doesn’t seem to need to breathe like us mere mortals. Deceiver has a bit more groove to the intro with more strong vocals, a bone jangling bass sound and tons of riffs. The drums are superb, again and you can’t help but bang your head along to the beat.

Revenge Starts

The best song on the album, amongst a sea of excellence, for me is Revenge though. I love the intro riff and the drums are astonishing. The vocals are quick and packed full of punk attitude. There is a great and catchy chorus. It is a song that you can’t not head bang to. Especially when we hit a massive instrumental with a bass, drum and guitar riff that rumbles along like the sound of a thousand horses galloping straight for you.

What a song but what an album. I am literally blown away by this. I felt absolutely elated when Tonight the Revenge Starts ended and couldn’t think of anything else to do except start listening again. And again. And again. The songs are great. There is a load of creativity on show and you can tell that these are three supremely talented musicians. The songs are well written and well structured, as is the whole album actually. Everything has a place and everything works to give us 8 tracks of thrashy, attitude filled metal that should blow the metal world way when the album comes out in a few weeks. Remember the date, November the 11th and remember the name, Blaze the Thunder. You are going to be hearing a whole lot more of these guys.

Check out the music video for the single, A Vulture, below –

Do yourself a favour and head over to Blaze the Thunder’s website to pick up a preorder of Tonight the Revenge Starts. You won’t regret it. You can find out more about the band at their YouTube Channel, on Instagram and on Facebook. Be sure to check them out and give them a like or follow while you are there.



Tonight the Revenge Starts by Blaze the Thunder (Self Released)
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