Game Review: Cool Goal (Mobile – Free to Play)

A free to play one-touch game from Gismart Games, Cool Goal has a simple premise but very addictive gameplay. It would almost be a good game if it wasn’t for an abundance of ads that interrupt to the point of annoyance.

It’s simple, use your finger to aim the ball towards the goal, let go and score. Further levels will see obstacles placed in the way forcing you to vary up your shots. Miss or hit an obstacle and it’s game over.

Score the required amount of goals and the level will be complete earning coins. These are spent on unlocking new skins for the game’s characters or balls. More coins and characters can also be unlocked in chests which are opened with keys that are found in some levels. These are just aesthetic changes and make no impact on gameplay but give replay value. It’s also a nice touch that most of the skins are based on other properties.

Fancy playing as the Joker? Pennywise? Rick from Rick & Morty? Or the Vault Boy from Fallout? Find them in a chest or unlock them with coins and you can!

There’s plenty of replay value even before the addictive gameplay is taken into account. Simply put, Cool Goal is a fun game to play. It’s just a shame it’s free to play as this has given the developer a reason to fill the game with ads.

They pop up so often that it stops being fun to play. Win and you’ll get an ad, lose and you’ll get an ad…ads everywhere. It almost makes the in-app purchase of ‘remove ads’ worthwhile except for the price point of £2.99. As fun and addictive as Cool Goal is, it’s not worth that by any stretch. Had it be 99p? I’d be saying pay up!

Cool Goal
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