Single Slam – The Pyre by Entrails (Rise of the Reaper)

Swedish metallers, Entrails, will release their brand new album, Rise of the Reaper on October 11th via Metal Blade Records.

Entrails officially formed in 1990 but had shut up shop by 1994. Founder, Jimmy Lundqvist, continued writing music for Entrails but even he called it a day in 1998. To say they had a rough start is an understatement. Fast forward to 2008 and Entrails reformed as a band with their first album, Tales from the Morgue following in 2010. Technically 20 years after they originally formed. The band today have released a further 3 albums with the latest being 2015’s Oblitaration. Entrails today are founder Jimmy Lundqvist on guitars with Jocke Svensson on bass and vocals. Adde Mitroulis is on drums and vocals with Pontus “Penki” Samuelsson also on guitars.

Entrails The Pyre

The Pyre is just over 4 minutes long and has a heavy, distorted edge. A short growl takes over from the intro and brings the speed with it. It’s fast and heavy death metal with powerful vocals. The drums are killer and the riff is relentless, shaking you through to your core. The drop into melody is a little bit of a surprise. You don’t really see it coming but it works well and sounds very dark and atmospheric mixed with the ferocious vocals. The best is yet to come with the switch back into the aggressive speed that starts with a bass heavy, chunky groove section that instantly gets your head moving. We head back to speed and circle pit insanity to bring us through to the end.

The Pyre is good. A really solid death metal track with plenty of power and aggression. It manages to balance the line between old and new school perfectly. There are a couple little switch ups that make the song. The melodic guitars that come in half way through are excellent and the chugging groove section that follows is something every metal head will enjoy. Chuck in plenty of pit destroying speed and ferocity too and you have a winner. Solid metal!

The Pyre is available now on all the usual streaming platforms. You can preorder Rise of the Reaper from Bandcamp here or Metal Blade, here.


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The Pyre by Entrails (Rise of the Reaper)
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