Game Review: Christmas Delivery (Xbox One)

A mobile game on Xbox One. That is what we have here with Christmas Delivery. A game so non-descript that even trying to search for it online, turns out mostly results for other things. If, like us, you’re unlucky enough to find this buried amongst the meagre Christmas themed offerings on the Xbox store, don’t do what we did, which is buy it.

Not because it’s particularly terrible or anything, it’s not great, but it is a functioning game that has the holiday spirit. The issue is that, like a mobile game, you’ll get no more than 10 minutes of gameplay before you’re deleting it all together.

You control Santa’s sled led by his reindeer as he swoops over the skies. Your job is to drop presents into the chimneys below. Time it right though as the margin for error and lost presents is tight. Try and get the best score possible while dodging all manner of obstacles such as birds, bats and snowballs.

Take too many hits and it’s game over, your score is set and it’s time to try again. Which most are unlikely to do.

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That really is it. There’s absolutely nothing else to Christmas Delivery and while the argument can be made that it’s probably for little kids, even they will get bored quickly with this. Not only that, the precision needed to get presents in chimneys will leave youngsters frustrated.

It doesn’t even look that good either. It clearly was just a mobile game and we’ve played and reviewed something similar called Turbo Santa. However, that game was much better looking. At best, we can at least say that Christmas Delivery does feel Christmassy and has some festive music but that’s not why we play games now, is it?

Christmas games on consoles are few are far between. This is one of a few indie offerings out there. It doesn’t make it any more worthwhile to play. At least it works, right?

Christmas Delivery
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