Game Review: Christmas Candy Match-2 (Mobile – Free to Play)

At a certain point during a run on Christmas Candy Match-2, the realisation will sink in that this is barely a game. Yet, you’ve been playing it for 20 minutes straight and are unwilling to stop until you lose. Such is the addictive simplicity of what is on offer here.

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The concept is so simple and once you’ve started, you’ll not stop until you’ve set a high score you’re proud of. Although admittedly, most are unlikely to do this more than once. Failure, is almost like the spell it holds on you being broken. Snapping out of the Christmas related fugue to discover you’ve missed your stop and have no idea where you are now.

A circle of symbols appears on the screen ranging from stars to trees to hearts and gingerbread men. It’s what appears in the centre though that requires your immediate attention as you must match that to one of the symbols in the circle. Speed is key as a timer begins to creep around the centre symbol. Slow at first, as you match and increase in level, it speeds up requiring quick eyes and even quicker touches to match.

That’s it. That’s all this game has going for it aside from linking to Game Center so you can share your high score and earn achievements. That really won’t mean much to most (who cares about Game Center anymore?) but it’s a nice addition. A reason to keep on playing although it’s hard on the fingers after a certain point.

For such a lack of content, it does exactly what this sort of game should. Distracts you for a short amount of time while feeling suitably Christmassy. You’re not going to be telling your friends about it but that cold train journey into work will fly by.


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Christmas Candy Match-2 (Mobile - Free to Play)
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