Game Review: 3D Christmas Gingerbread Run (Mobile – Free to Play)

Merry Christmas! Here’s a game to remind you of just how much of a joy killer the free to play market is.

Given the pithy title of ‘3D Christmas Gingerbread Run’, what we have here is a barely playable and down-right broken endless runner that most will abandon after a mere few minutes of gameplay.

Why? Because it’s a poorly made and ugly looking thing. However, what truly makes this the bottom of the barrel is its pop-up ads that cover the screen while playing ensuring your failure and its shocking in-app costs for unlockable characters.

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Before we get to that eye-watering insanity though, gameplay is exactly like any endless runner ever but worse. Worse because it suffers from lag, feels sluggish and your Gingerbread Man will fail to react to your finger prompts, get hit by invisible objects and in rare cases, get stuck on walls.

The most basic elements of a endless runner, allowing you to run, is flawed as hell making for a miserable experience. Yet, that is still not the worst thing about the game.

So, there are four characters who can play as. Basically, the same Gingerbread character in different costumes. Only one, the basic look is available for free. Should you be insane enough to want to play as one of the others, their pictures are right there and look really inviting.

We have a female version called Jane Dough, a cowboy version called Cowboy Gingerbread and one that is covered with a question mark but clicking on shows it to be Buddy Dough. Who wouldn’t want to play this trash as a Cowboy Gingerbread Man right!? Well, absolutely no-one when you see the price to unlock this character is…wait, for it…£28.99. We’re not making that price up.

How about Jane Dough or Buddy Dough? They are cheaper at a mere £19.99 each. It’s here you realise this isn’t a game and more of a scam to trick young children into potentially paying for something that is outrageously priced. Even its remove ads cost is £4.99.

To add an even more sinister feeling to it, on the Apple App Store it even has some 5 star reviews proclaiming it as a great game for kids. You will never convince us that those reviews are legit.

For all of that, this game gets a 0/10. Forget the rubbish gameplay, it’s one of the most egregious and menacing ‘games’ we’ve come across. Merry fucking Christmas indeed.

3D Christmas Gingerbread Run (Mobile - Free to Play)
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