Full Album Stream: Seep – Hymns to the Gore

One-man death/doom project Seep has today unleashed its full-length debut album, Hymns to the Gore. Out on vinyl, CD, and digital formats via Extremely Rotten Productions, Gurgling Gore Records will release the album on cassette.

An album that we described as:

Fucking brutal. Fucking raw. Fucking disgusting.

You can read our full review here.

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Music on Hymns to the Gore was written, performed and recorded by Vomitus. “Jigsaw Facefuck” features guest vocals by Brennen Westermeyer (FLUIDS). Guest guitar solos on “Addicted to Rancidity” and “Encased in Shit” were performed by Daniel Bonofiglio (FUMES/GUTVOID).

Vomitus comments on the album:

I love all things death metal, particularly unpolished obscurities from the 90s/00s. This entire album is an ode to that – back when death metal was about gross shit, had raw production, and was all about being as heavy as humanly possible.

Listen to the full thing below.


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