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Have you ever heard of Frozen? No!?…have you been living under a rock for the last year? Frozen is one of the most successful Disney movies ever & has made quite a bit of cash. Apparently not enough though as Frozen Free Fall is a free to play game designed to trick children into spending a lot of money. Seriously…if you’re a parent & you let your child play this game make sure you have in-app purchases turned off.

I wanted to play it to see just how a game aimed towards kids would operate the free to play model & I can’t say I’m surprised.

Free Fall 2

Frozen Free Fall is a match 3 game just like Candy Crush. Match 3 vertical or horizontal ice crystals of the same colour to make them disappear. Matching ice crystals will give you points towards the level objective. Rinse & repeat…matching more than 3 will give bonuses that make the objective easier & some levels vary your goal.

The level objectives get tougher & tougher the further you progress & you’ll fail on numerous occasions. 5 lives…once you’ve run out you’ll have to wait out a timer to get one back or pay 79p to refill the full amount.

Free Fall 1

To make levels easier you can bring in power-ups that of course cost you real money. These are hardly worth it & the only one you’ll be tempted to buy is the snowball that allows you continue in a level you’ve just failed. Don’t though as 1 retry will cost 79p…just 1 retry. What kind of pricing is that?

More levels beyond the Winter ones are available for a price (surprised?) based on different events such as Summer & Valentines.

Fav Char

The thing is it is quite addictive & there is something fun about making lots of matches & seeing the results. While the theme might be aimed towards children the level objectives will really test any seasoned gamer…that is unless you drop a bundle of real cash into it.

Free Fall 3

Addictive & fun but far too restrictive, this same type of game has been done far too often & Frozen Free Fall isn’t changing anything. Watch out for some sneaky attempts to part you with your cash as well.


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