Game Review: Flappy Bird (Mobile – Free to Play)

Have you heard of Flappy Bird? ‘Cause it seems like everyone else has!

It’s a concept so simple that it’s almost insulting were it not a free game. Tap the screen to make the bird flap its wings & pass as many pipes as you can. There is no end…you just keep going to get a higher score. Hit a pipe & its game over, start again & see if you can beat you’re last score.


Legions of people are screaming about how addictive it is, how you just want to try & beat your score just one more time & how much fun it is.

Not all of the above is quite true though….

Ok, Flappy Bird is one thing….addictive. It’s a simple game that requires just 1 finger to play. It looks ugly (the bird is very strange looking) with a basic background & pipes ripped straight from Super Mario Brothers but it’s not something that really matters.


With your first few taps of the screen you will probably hit the first pipe or 2 several times alongside the sound effects of your failure. You’ll laugh it off as a silly game with no real goal to aim towards but before you know it you will quickly find yourself hunched over your device tapping away desperately trying to get the bird through the next set of pipes.

Beating your own previous high score is a thrill & any failure is always your own fault. Timing is everything in Flappy Bird & it is up to you to get it right.

The only reward for your perseverance is to see your new high score replace your old alongside a medal. You can share & boast about your success across social media as well as see leader boards amongst friends & rivals.


While I agree that the game is fiendishly addictive with a ‘just one more go’ way about it, it is not really going to hold a seasoned gamers interest for more then a few hours. The simplistic nature of the game sees it clearly aimed at the casual market.

Flappy Bird is a clever idea that has already seen bundles of imitator’s spring up on the app-store. While it is a free game to play bear in mind that it has advertisements that run along the top & bottom that link straight to the store. It is addictive but with no long term goal available seasoned veterans will tire quickly.


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  • Since I’ve now missed the boat on this gaming masterpiece, can I buy your iOS device for a high price? Let’s see, the going rate for Flappy Bird plus device is… *checks ebay*. I see. Will you sell for £6000?


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