EP Stream: The Mayor – Live At The Acropolis

Scraping their way up the stomach to be vomited from the mouth of a pandemic, THE MAYOR (unscathed) has become deadlier, heavier and more powerful than ever as they partnered with Kill Iconic Records (run by Donovan Melero of Hail the Sun – Equalvision Records) to drop their five-song sophomore album, Live at the Acropolis, a post-traumatic follow-up to their previous Grammy submitted (and considered) album, There Will Be No Miracles Here.

Bassist, Joe (Pesci) Occhiuti of Ice Nine Kills provides a growling low-end for the album that supports Mike (Tyson) Abiuso’s vocals like a full diaper stapled to a screaming baby. Kevin (Bacon) Otto, completely batters the remains of his kit to a pulp while James (Bond) Ryan cranks every Carvin metronome to 11 applying just enough anxiety-inducing guitar riffs to secure the entire project together tighter than Yanni’s vault.

Contrary to fan rumors and the incredibly misleading album title, Live at the Acropolis is not a live album at all, in fact it was written and recorded in five days at Behind the Curtains Media in Brooklyn, NY. However, when recording, the band ingested human-defying quantities of peyote in order to transcend to the Acropolis where they remained for those five days under the wing of Yanni himself who led them through the recording process like the Olyimpian Greek God that he is.

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It took the band over a year to put together the following track list which was well worth it, because just look at how immaculate it is!


1) Get Your Fuckin’ Shinebox
2) Quit While You’re Ahead
3) Freight Train
4) Acropolis
5) Rot Gut Guillotine

The end result will be unleased on Friday, December 16th, 2022 via Kill Iconic Records. You can now hear the entire release below.


With the recent support of Kill Iconic Records, THE MAYOR plans to drain their bank account by hitting the studio every day for the next 10 years until the next single is complete, so be sure to set your calendar alarm for 2032 as they will be sprinkling teasers of new music all over whatever social platform will be ruining lives then!

Mike (Tyson) Abiuso – Vocals / Baritone Guitar

Kevin (Bacon) Otto: Drums
James (Bond) Ryan: Guitar
Joe (Pesci) Occhiuti: Bass
Special Appearances on the album:

Additional guest vocals on “Get Your Fuckin’ Shinebox”
Trevor (Noah) Sullivan LINK of Bullpup
Additional guest bass performance on “Freight Train”

Sammy (Davis) Houston

Live at the Acropolis was recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered at

Behind the Curtains Media by Mike Abiuso
Label: Kill Iconic Records
Distribution: KMG Distribution
Publicity & Marketing: Behind the Curtains Media