Album Review: Occulta Veritas – The Inner Wail (Moment of Collapse Records)

Occulta Veritas is the one-man-band from Daniele Vergine, known for his work with Noise Trail Immersion. The Inner Wail is out on March 24th 2017 via Moment Of Collapse Records.

The Inner Wail is a 9 song, 33 minute fully instrumental experience that draws influence from the dejent & black metal genres of metal. Opening song, The Crucial Opera, with its flashes of disjointed guitars but mesmerising melodies really combines the two nicely together.

However it’s with Vita Nostra that the one man band really showcases the quality in this record. Incredible sounding riffs & hooks which challenge the mind as much as it pleasures the ears. The brief switch in tempo really hammers home the quality on show here.

There is a hell of a lot of experimentation going on here. The haunting effects that introduce Nourish the Master (Egemonia), the short melodic Melodrama & the crazy guitar shredding that goes on in Nonsense, Oblivion. The latter of those three is a bit of a low point though as its suddenly stops & wastes its final minute with pointless static-sounding speaking.

For all the experimentation, when Occulta Veritas does let rip, it does it in serious style. Ruggine is a speedy number filled with all manner of hooks that dig right in while The Matrix just plays out some solid heavy metal. A really good showcase of the drumming, something that is easily overlooked because of the quality of guitar sounds.

Things come to a close with the double header of Hidden Land of My Desolation & Limbo. The former is a very softly played song with a mix of hard strumming & lighter, almost piano like melodies. It’s got a real gothic feel to it. The latter though is just one final attempt to destroy the defences. Similar to the first track it builds up with a really great sounding tune before launching into a heavier sound.

It’s a fantastically catchy song though with some seriously gut-wrenching riffs. It’s arguably the best on an album that barely puts a foot wrong throughout. You’ll be sad to hear it end.

The Inner Wail Full Track Listing:

1. The Crucial Opera
2. Vita Nostra
3. Nourish the Master (Egemonia)
4. Melodrama
5. Ruggine
6. Nonsense, Oblivion
7. The Matrix
8. Hidden Land of My Desolation
9. Limbo

You can pick up some of Occulta Veritas’ earlier work over on Bandcamp here & check out the project over on Facebook. Check out Moment of Collapse Records Bandcamp page here & their Facebook page here.

Occulta Veritas - The Inner Wail (Moment of Collapse Records)
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