EP Review: ZOMBIESLUT -Massive Lethal Flesh Recovery (Zombification Media)

There is a real rawness about Zombiesluts new EP, Massive Lethal Flesh Recovery. The vocals style (guttural & pissed off) might be right out of the death metal playbook but here they take more of a backseat to the music. Music that is filled with much more noticeable riffs, hooks & groove!

Made up of two new songs & 4 re-recorded songs off the album, Braineater. Due for release on December 3rd 2016 via Zombification Media, it’s a great place to start if you’ve never heard anything by the band before.

Lycanthrophic Funeral steams along with a well played beat that is far more pleasing to the ear than many other death metal albums while Lord of Eternal Pain switches tempo nicely ensuring you never fully relax into the song & take it for granted.

At only 6 songs long & coming in at 23 minutes it’s over very quickly, disappointingly so. This is thrilling music, filled with plenty of traditional death metal stylings but with some excitingly fresh ideas too.

I mean we’re not talking about the prog version of death metal here, what we’re talking about is not just following the same standard death metal formula of playing at one speed with throaty guttural vocals covering up everything.

It’s great to be able to pick out the guitar riffs even on the more brutal sounding stuff like Braineater & Theater of Beautiful Deaths. The latter has some of the best hooks in any death metal album that has come out this year. The best song on this short album by some distance!

This is one of the rare times where a death metal album ends way sooner then it should. Victims of the Lie’s doom-laden start & finish shows a band with ideas, a band that could really go places given the right support.

One of the best death metal releases of the year.

Overall Track Listing:

  1. Return of the Zombie
  2. Lycanthropic Funeral
  3. Lord of Eternal Pain
  4. Braineater
  5. Theater of Beautiful Deaths
  6. Victims of the Lie

We’d like to thank ZOMBIESLUT & Against PR for providing us with a copy of the EP for this review. You can pick up the EP as well as the earlier albums over on their Bandcamp page. You can also check the band out on their official website, over on Facebook & on YouTube.


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ZOMBIESLUT -Massive Lethal Flesh Recovery (Zombification Media)
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